Strait Street is back to its glory….So much going on!


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Our Chef Anton Abela is running the kitchen down at Loop Bar. We ensure a good mix of flavours, tradition and avant-garde mediterranean Cuisine. The 1950's Atmosphere contributes to the magic of loop bar and its menu always tells the history of the place.

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68, Triq id-dejqa, Valletta, Malta

9933 9931

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Mon - Sun: 13:00 - late

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Strait street as it once was

During the post war era, the LOOP BAR, lit up by red neon lights,was one of the most famous and most frequented bars in the heart of Strait Street, Valletta. For over 40 years, the bar’s wooden green door has hidden away all the glorious memories sailors createdall those years ago.

Upon taking over, the new tenants found themselves challenged, trying to restore the name of the LOOP BAR back to its previous magnificence. Behind the rusty lock on this wooden green door, were the remains of a fallen bar – broken tiles and fragmented furniture amongst the debris. The only thing still intact was the upper layer of formaica covered in dust. The overall grim state in which the bar was found necessitated the need for intense research and hard work in order to restore the LOOP BAR back to its authentic form.

Sifting amongst the rubble, some small treasures were also discovered. The original rusty metal logo of the bar, an old packet of cigarettes and vintage beverage stickers are just a few items that were restored and placed on display downstairs at the LOOP BAR for all to behold.

It took dedication as well as extensive hours of researching the bar’s history, architecture and design for reconstruction and refurbishment to begin underway to restore the LOOP BAR to its original glory.

Besides admiring its revamped interior, one may now also experiencea selection of tasty delicacies and divine dishes at the LOOP BAR aftera modern kitchen was installed in the newly renovated back yard. Visitors now also have the privilege of testing out the 1950’s flushing system which back in the post war era was the sole pleasure of thebar tender. Lightly tug on a metal chain that replicates the originalto watch it function.

BE WARNED! Surprises are bound to happen here in the GUT!

Enjoy Strait Street As It Once Was at the LOOP BAR in Valletta.